Our vision is that Ireland significantly reduces its quantity of vacant homes. Our mission is to assist, advise and collaborate with key stakeholders including government agencies and local communities to help create new homes from existing vacant dwellings. Apart from providing accommodation to people with a housing need, bringing vacant homes back into use helps rejuvenate areas in decline. WELCOME TO VACANTHOMES.IE We want to raise awareness of the blight of vacant homes and to seek the public's help in addressing this issue. If you are aware of an empty home in your area, please tell us and efforts will be made to contact the owner to determine if it is possible to bring this property back into use. This will also help towards meeting Ireland's housing need in an environmentally sustainable manner. A NEW OUTLOOK "Here in Cork County Council we use vacanthomes.ie to follow up in relation to empty homes in our area. We find it a great way for the public to let us know what units are vacant and then we can follow up to try and bring them back into use. So far we’ve identified in excess of 100 properties that have potential for providing homes to people with a housing need."
-- Seamus De Faoite, Senior Executive Officer, Cork County Council
"This is why technology can be so transforming. It’s eminently sensible to use the swarm of people out and about in different areas to do the hunting for vacant homes and then to make targeted interventions where it’s possible."
-- Karl Deeter, Business Person, Commentator, Journalist Tv/Radio Presenter



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